Kai's Legacy - Past Events

2nd Annual Kai Paul Hrabovsky Memorial 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament


May 19, 2018

 We filled the Homer dome again with love during our second event and raised funds for the

Kai Paul Hrabovsky Memorial Scholarship.

Division winners:

4th-6th boys - PittBull

4th-6th girls - Lady Wolves

7th-9th boys -  Warriors in Moisty Mire 

7th-9th girls -  Goofy Goobers

10th-12th men -  The Shooter McGavin’s 

18+ Adult men -  Cokeburg

Co-Ed Adult -  The A-Team

Special thanks to our 2018 M.V.P. sponsors:

Renda Broadcasting 

First Commonwealth Bank

 e-Loop LLC

 Glenn Bush Ford

 Christina Panaccione & Associates, LLC

Club Savoy

1st Annual KaI Paul Hrabovsky Memorial 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament


 May 20, 2017
In our inaugural event, we learned a lot and were humbled by the outpouring of support and team entries.  We filled the Homer dome with love and raised over $5000 in proceeds to help fund the
Kai Paul Hrabovsky Memorial Scholarship.

Division winners:
4th-6th boys - Ener-Gel

4th-6th girls - Fantastic Four

7th-9th boys - United Lions

7th-9th girls - Sansos
10th-12th men - Caucasian Evasion

18+ Adult men - Run Eights!

18+ Adult women - Lydic

Special thanks to our 2017 M.V.P. sponsors:
Renda Broadcasting
First Commonwealth Bank
e-Loop LLC
Glenn Bush Ford

Community Service Event InTown Park Homer City, PA


March 29, 2019

March 29, 2018

March 29, 2017

We honor and remember Kai each year on his birthday by donating our time, along with a little blood, sweat and tears toward cleaning up Homer City's InTown park , volunteering time to the Homer City Public Library and maintaining his memorial in Pine Township.

Remembering Children We Have Lost - Worldwide Candle Lighting


December 9, 2018

December 10, 2017

December 11, 2016

In conjunction with the national organization,
The Compassionate Friends
the family of Kai Hrabovsky has hosted local remembrance events to honor the lives of all the children we've lost.  The Compassionate Friends Worldwide Candle Lighting unites family and friends around the globe in lighting candles for one hour to honor the memories of the sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, and grandchildren who left too soon.  As candles are lit at 7:00 p.m. local time, hundreds of thousands of persons commemorate and honor the memory of all children gone too soon.   Now believed to be the largest mass candle lighting on the globe, the annual Worldwide Candle Lighting, a gift to the bereavement community from The Compassionate Friends, creates a virtual 24-hour wave of light as it moves from time zone to time zone.

Parking accommodations generously provided by
MGK Technologies.

Kai Hrabovsky Memorial Bonfire & BBQ


July 2, 2016
We gathered with the community to remember Kai and continue to heal. 

We each had opportunity for our own ceremony as we burned pieces of the stand for the memory curtains at his visitation 

and the cherry tree he loved to climb at his grandparents' farm.  

We shared songs, stories, hugs, tears, and laughter in true Kai fashion, around a bonfire.