Kai's Legacy

Kai's Legacy

Kai's LegacyKai's LegacyKai's Legacy

Kai Paul Hrabovsky

March 29, 2000

May 14, 2016

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Our history

Our history

"...we thought the best way to continue to memorialize him within the community and for many years to come was to set up a scholarship to support kids like him. Not only do we get to encourage in others the values that Kai demonstrated but we are able to keep his name and legacy fresh in people’s minds as we fundraise for the fund and distribute scholarships to his peers each year.”

Jennifer Ponish, Kai's Mom


Daniel Hrabovsky, Kai's Dad


Elaine Hrabovsky, Kai's Stepmom



Our history

Our history

Our history

We have always believed that it takes a community to raise a child. 

Striving to practice what we preach, the three of us co-parented this young man for many years.  What we ended up with was a well-rounded, gentle soul, familiar with compromise and compassionate towards others.  

Now, in carrying on as Kai's Legacy, 

the three of us continue to do all that we can to maintain his character true to life.


Our mission

Our history

Our mission

We hope to embody Kai's spirit by giving back to the community that he loved, the community that has wrapped their arms around us in his absence.

So many gave monetary support that we have used to establish a scholarship in Kai's name to benefit future graduates of Homer-Center High School.

Kai Paul Hrabovsky Memorial Scholarship

our partnership with Community Foundation For The Alleghenies

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